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Japanese Anal Sex Party


First-year students decided to arrange a japanese anal sex party. Especially for this, guys rented a big-room apartment, prepared aperitifs, Indian grass, alcohol, and bought a lot of lubricant. When the first part of the evening was over, the youth was drunk, and also became more relaxed, they started the main action. Under the romantic music, began to slowly undress. Lined up a kind of train. Japanese lesbians sucked dick guys like whores, while their lovers, with their fingers greased, worked out women’s butts. First, they left one, then two fingers, and now almost the whole hand, could fit, once the former, a little hole. The girls got cancer at the same time, and the guys slowly entered their priests. Some babyes have already tried anal sex and are not particularly resisted. For those who had it for the first time, at first teens tried to move forward and jump off the penis, but it was impossible, strong male hands squeeze the hips strongly. This made it impossible to move the ass strongly forward. Couples changed partners, and at the time of male orgasm, the girls stood in a circle and the men plentifully poured their bodies with sperm.